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Turkish Airlines Headquartered in Istanbul Ataturk Airport is the national carrier of Turkey, always strives to provide promising services to their customers. Turkish Airlines covers 315 destinations across the globe and provides passenger, cargo, and charter services along with major cities such as New York, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, etc. Turkish Airlines is one of the oldest and largest airlines in the world flying around 126 countries with an operational fleet of 20 cargo aircraft.

Turkish Airlines Class

  • You can fly to your destination with ticket classes’ economy, premium economy, and business class.
  • Turkish Airlines always abide by the traveler requirement and serves a world-class range of meals.
  • Apart from the meal facility, you get a lounge facility on the basis of your ticket class.
  • Regular flyers can earn air miles with Turkish Airlines and they can get discounts for the next ticket or can do onboard shopping.
  • You can enjoy in-flight digital entertainment, connect with Wi-Fi, and select various movies, TV channels, and enjoy your journey.

Turkish Airlines Booking

Steps of online Turkish airlines booking:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.

Step 2: Click on Book a Flight tab.

Step 3: Select your option Round trip, one way, Multi-city.

Step 4: Enter your boarding and DE boarding locations.

Step 5: Select the date of the journey, cabin, and the number of passengers.

Step 6: Then tap on the Search tab, you will get several flight options.

Step 7: Select your flight and click on the Continue tab.

Step 8: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Passenger details and Payment process to confirm your booking.

Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy

Cabin or Hand Baggage Allowance:

  • Cabin Baggage regulations of Turkish airlines permits you to carry 1 piece of 8 kg in economy class and in business, a class is allowed for 2 pieces each of 8 kg.
  • For infants, you can carry 1 piece of luggage of 8 kg.
  • The dimension of the bag should not exceed the limit of 55, 40, 23 cms.
  • In addition to this baggage allowance passengers can carry 1 of these personal items – a hand purse, camera, strollers, laptops, and umbrella.
  • For overweight cabin luggage, excess weight is chargeable but for oversize luggage entire weight is chargeable as per excess baggage policies.

Check-in Baggage:

  • The check-in baggage policies of Turkish airlines vary with domestic and international flights along with the class you are traveling.
  • For domestic flights: For business class baggage allowance is 30 kg. For the economy class, it’s 20 kg. And for promotions, it’s 15 kg.
  • In international flights weight-concept baggage allowance applies: Business-class approves 30 kg of baggage. The economy class allows a baggage allowance of 20 kg.
  • But there are some exceptions to these international flight baggage allowances.
  • The maximum number of bags, maximum weight of each bag, excess baggage charges and maximum dimension of bag differ with your international destination.

Traveling with Pets:

  • Your pet should not cross the limit of 8 kg and 23 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm in the dimension of length, breadth, and height.
  • Pregnant animals under 10 weeks old are not allowed.
  • Passenger is completely responsible regarding health, safety, animal management, should abide by the rules and policies of the government.
  • For more detailed pet policy you may visit their official website.

Sports and Musical Equipment:

  • Small instruments of a total dimension of 118 cm (width + length + height) are allowed in a cabin free of charge.
  • Weight should not exceed 75 kg and dimension 142 cm, 42 cm, 25 cm in terms of length, breadth, and height.
  • Turkish Airlines have different policies regarding various sports equipment.
  • Sports equipment is allowed as only checked baggage and carried in the aircraft hold.
  • Sports kit if crosses the limit of 32 kg will be split into pieces of baggage and their charges will be separate.
  • Visit their official portal for all the baggage policies regarding check-in, cabin, pets, sports and musical equipment, medical emergency, and packaged food edibles.

Turkish Airlines Manage Booking

Step 1: You can manage your booking with the Turkish airlines manage booking phone number.

Step 2: Enter your booking details such as boarding point, destination, date and time of journey, etc.

Step 3: Complete the payment details either with a credit card or debit card.

Step 4: In the manage booking section add the services you want enjoy such as special meals, the number of travelers, etc.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation policy differs with your ticket class, destination, and route class.
  • Flight cancellation charges vary with the duration of your booking.
  • They have divided charges on the grounds of several duration, such as before one-month departure, between one month and one week and within one week.
  • Hope this article assists you regarding Turkish airlines. For wider information, you may contact with Turkish airlines customer support team. Their official phone number is available on their portal.

Turkish Airlines Refund Policy

You are eligible to get a refund if you have missed your connecting flight after a delay created in the European Union or your flight is originated in a member state of the European Union. Turkish passengers from Ireland and the UK are eligible to claim compensation for up to 6 years from the flight date.

  • You are eligible to get a refund if you have confirmed your reservation. 
  • You are not eligible to get a refund if you have booked your ticket with a reduced fare.
  • If you are working for an operator, you will be traveling for free on their behalf. Hence, you are not eligible to get any refund. 

The refund policy is also applicable for the delayed flights. You are eligible to get the compensation benefit if you arrive at your final destination 3 hours or more from the defined time. If the air authority informs you about a sudden cancellation, you are eligible to get a refund. As per the refund policy defined by the airline authority, you will get the full price of the ticket within seven days in case of a canceled flight. European Regulation EC 261/2004 accommodates the airline to refund the total amount. In this regard, you will get an offer voucher which is needed to be used for booking a new flight in the future. However, this voucher policy is not in compliance with European legislation.

Turkish Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

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