WestJet Airlines Customer Service

WestJet prides to offer schedule flight service and also serve the charter Air service beyond 100 destinations on a daily basis. It is considered one of the biggest travel services whose headquarter is located in Canada country. Providing the tremendous flight service for the all the time to a maximum number of passengers gathers around the local cities. At the present time, when someone books his flight ticket he always expects to manage booking criteria, process online soon after scheduling the flight. However, in case a flight is a delay and he wants to do this the process at the Airport, he can go for the best time to reach the Airport and complete the incomplete check-in process of booking simply. In regard to this, it is also beneficial to visit the booking website that will guide you to provide complete accommodation to manage booking tasks easily.

WestJet Airlines Booking Process

Follow the steps to book your WestJet flight ticket:

  • Booking for WestJet flight one can visit the official website of West Jet airlines.
  • Here, you need to fill the required details from selecting the source point to the destination you want to reach.
  • Also, mention the date you wish to travel.
  • After filling up the necessary information you will see a number of flights with different fares along with different timings. 
  • Once you are done with the selection of flight.
  • Take the next step towards the details asked about your personal information.
  • Lastly, WestJet will ask you to make the online payment through various payment modes.
  • Complete the target and tap on your back with reserved flight according to the need.

WestJet Airlines Manage Booking 

Are you getting surprised that even after booking for the WestJet airlines, you are still unable to handle the managing booking situation.

We are here to stand with you in managing your flight booking:

  • On the very first, search for the booking website and hit the login button with the correct date and time.
  • Now tap on manage booking tab and choose your flight for which you need to manage the move to the next step.
  • You can tap on the detail of the passengers and click on the baggage process, seat selection, and reservation, complete detail for the class of booking, and much more.
  • After accomplishing the task you need to tap on the finish button at the end.

While performing this work manage booking tasks if you face any issue, without taking any stress to feel free to make a call at WestJet Airline Customer Service Number. This phone will reach to one of the customer service agents to provide better instructions for the flight service quickly.

WestJet Airlines Baggage Policy

If you have already booked a flight and now you need to check out the baggage policy.

you can go and check out the website or contact customer agents who will guide with the complete detail of the baggage service as listed:

  1. First of all, it is asked to log in to your account using your correct email address and password.
  2. Choose your desired flight and check out the code and select the baggage option that appears on the list.
  3. You can simply tap on the policy and go through the best baggage policy in which you have to follow the instructions to carry on the baggage.
  4. As per the policy, you are only allowed to carry two bags in the business and one bag in the economy class respectively.
  5. In the Economy length, width, height should not exceed beyond the given instructions and in the business; you have to walk along with the advanced facilities.

Thus, if you require more and clear information related to the baggage policy, you may easily get in touch with WestJet Airline Reservation Number is available at 24 by 7 to the round clock.

WestJet Airlines Cancellation Policy

Within 24 hours of the actual booking time, any further changes you make to your booking will only be related to any difference in fare. In the case, you cancel your flight within 24 hours of the actual booking you made, your the entire cost of the flight will be refunded to you in the original form of payment, rather than in the case of flights that are scheduled to depart within 24 hours of the time of booking (i.e., same-day flights), where the cancellation fee per person will be authenticated, and a refund will be made to your Travel bank.

WestJet airlines check in

If you have recently booked a ticket with WestJet and if you are doing the check in for the first time then this tutorial will guide you with the check-in process of the airlines. In order to check-in with WestJet airlines passengers can do the same through two of the processes. One is through offline way and the other is through online way. Let us understand the details of each in subsequent tutorials as mentioned below.

Online Check-in process: For online check-in passengers can simply login to the portal through which they have got their tickets booked. Once logged in then they can simply navigate to the tickets section and check the tickets which they are willing to do the check-in. Passengers can simply select check-in and get their task executed. Only one thing which the passengers need to keep in their mind is that check-in opens 24 hours prior to departure of the flight.

Offline Check-in Process: For offline check-in process passengers can simply visit the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure of the flight and get their check-in done through their check-in counters and they can smoothly move on to their departure section of their flight.

How to Contact WestJet Airlines customer service

WestJet airline customer service agents are always ready to fight with the issues you face before or while traveling. Offering the best fare and reliable comfort, the passengers are permitted to contact WestJet Airlines whenever required. The 24 by 7 availability serves guidance to each problem. The best service runs frequently even if you have boarded.

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